We at Birthday Planner Company has its branch in Chandigarh are expert birthday party event planners in town. Also, We have vast experience of organizing birthday parties. Traditionally, it was just the cake cutting ceremony, taking care of the guests, arrangements of the catering and the management. But now the definition has been changed. Therefore, We offer themes in the organization of the birthday parties. So, we are not just birthday party planners in Chandigarh but we specialize in themed birthday party in Chandigarh. Furthermore, Themes are taken in parties which are certain to take place. For example, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc. Rest of the parties have a reason, for example, success bash on some award, victory parties etc.

Establishment As Birthday Party Planners

Birthday Planner Company was established 13 years ago in 2007 with a very small team size. The founder only had a strong determination to organize the birthday parties in the best possible manner. Then time passed and every project one by one was taken care of very seriously and systematically. Then recommendations and repetitions came. Also, The clients started taking our services again and again. We were encouraged more and since then we have been serving in the industry successfully, Therefore, we are well known birthday party planners in Chandigarh.

Birthday Party Planners
Birthday Party Planners


The vision statement comprises customer satisfaction and entertainment. When you come to Birthday Planner Company in Chandigarh with your customized needs we focus on these 2 parameters very sincerely. We make sure you have satisfaction based on entertainment of the one whose birthday party is there as well as his guests. Furthermore, We have taken lots of efforts in becoming the best birthday party planners in Chandigarh.


Our mission is organizing maximum number of birthday parties as early as possible. We want all the people to have faith in Birthday Planner Company as the most reliable party planner in Chandigarh. We want satisfy our clients to the extent that they recommend only Birthday Planner to all their family, friends and acquaintances. So, We have innovated variety of birthday themes.

Unique Selling Point: Decoration

The Unique Selling Point of Birthday Planner Company is birthday decoration in Chandigarh. We have different collection of decorative material for all kinds of themes of a birthday party. Our clients have always appreciated that we have never repeated the same props in different themes. Besides we never use anything that gets broken or old. Being birthday party planners, our policies are very strict as far as quality control is concerned.


The ideas of birthday decoration in Chandigarh by Birthday Planner Company is 100% unique and original. You may please check our website for the pictures of themed birthday party in Chandigarh, you will find them perfectly unique and attractive. The texture of the colors, the combination of the frills and balloons, the placement of props, the sequence of activities and every other thing is absolutely original.

Freedom to Decide

We ask you every small thing before deciding anything while giving you full freedom to choose from and have the feeling of ownership of the party. In the packages also, you have a variety to choose from the activities and the package ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 60,000. Being birthday party planners, it will give you feeling of comfort with Birthday Planner. Our clients feel that there is no outsider who is organizing the party.