Theme party planner in Chandigarh: Offering Artistic Solutions

Parties have a magical effect on life. All stress washes away with even a small party. But, what if this party itself becomes a headache? Believe it or not, most of the people try to arrange everything by themselves and that’s where things start taking the wrong way. From planning to execution, there are lots of activities involved, and all consume the energy thereby leaving no room for enjoyment. To alleviate your pain, Birthday Junction is here. We are a dominant Theme party planner in Chandigarh.

Theme party planner in Chandigarh
Theme party planner in Chandigarh

In fact, we are a one-point shop for all your requirements in line with hosting a party. After appointing Birthday Junction, you need not look for anything. Organizing a successful and amazing birthday for you will be our duty. And we perform our duties with full devotion. We guarantee your satisfaction. With us, you won’t come across any problem at any stage. 

These days, theme party is in huge demand. Particularly, for the birthday celebration of kids, the theme-based decoration is popular. Needless to mention, going with birthday planner is always beneficial as they remove your burden. But when coming to a theme party, the role of theme party planner in Chandigarh becomes even more important. The reason is simple – Proficiency. 

The preparation of a theme-based party demands careful planning and flawless execution. And above that, a varied range of material, depending upon the theme you select, requirements, and expectations.  

Birthday Party Themes Offered By Us – Finest Theme Party Planner In Chandigarh

Birthday themes have gained much momentum in the past few years. Earlier, the birthday used to be more of a monotonous nature. Almost every party employed common things – a cake with candles, balloon, and a bit of decoration. From the times when theme party was kicked –in the wow factor has been added.

Kids Theme party planner in Chandigarh

Theme parties are the first choice of every kid, regardless of the gender as here they get a sense of involvement. There are many theme options for both boys and girls. Also, there are some themes which are the right fit for both the genders.

Some of the theme options are:

Barbie, Wonderland, Minion, Disney, Cinderella, Jungle Book, Candy, Pikachu, Princess, Snow World, Lego, Marvel Comics, Rainbow, Movie Bash, Chocolate, and so many others.

Adults Theme party planner in Chandigarh

While coming up with theme ideas, our team of theme party planner in Chandigarh keeps the age in the mind. For those who are above 15 years of age, we have a different set of themes to choose from, as we believe the theme should reflect some sense of maturity. Having Barbie or Doremon theme would look childish due to which the level of enjoyment and excitement would come down. The participants won’t get the expected feel. Moreover, some themes are meant for people above 18 years. 

Retro Party, Sports, Talent Show, Glamour, Prom Party, Garden Gala, Traditional Mood, Karaoke, Medieval, Bon-fire party, Spa party, etc.

Some of the adult theme options are: 

The above-provided list is not exhaustive. We have many other options too. Furthermore, the team of Birthday Junction, a theme party planner in Chandigarh is famous for offering a personalized solution. So, you can let us know what you want us to execute for you and we will give a shape to your ideas. As party planning is our profession, we have almost all the needed items. And the ones we don’t have can be arranged easily as we have connections with wholesale designers and suppliers of decorative dresses and other things. Theme party planner in Chandigarh.

Nothing Left Behind

While organizing a theme party, you have to decide the extent to which you want the theme to be engrossed. Like some people want A-Z arrangements according to the chosen theme while others want just decoration of the venue to be done as per the theme. So, it is totally up to you as what you want. There are many things that affect like preferences, budget, etc. Being a leading theme party planner in Chandigarh, we would suggest you go with the option wherein theme is represented in everything. Let’s see the extent to which we can apply theme.

Theme Decoration by Birthday junction

  • Decoration: This is the basic point when talking about the theme party. In other words, we can say that for a party to be called theme-based, the decoration must be according to the selected theme. It includes everything like entrance gate, cake table, stage, hall décor, and birthday board. 
  • Dress: The dressing of the birthday person as per the selected theme is of much importance. This makes things impactful. However, if you want, we can take the theme to the dress of parents, closed family members, and friends group. If you want the entire family of the birthday person to wear a dress according to the theme, then it will solve a major problem. You people will not have to decide what to wear and whatnot, a major task. 

As a theme party planner in Chandigarh, we will look after the dress too.

Lemony Snicket said,

“It is easy to decide on what is wrong to wear to a party, such as deep-sea diving equipment or a pair of large pillows, but deciding what is right is much trickier.’

  • Cake: A party is not complete without a cake. And your birthday cake can be thematic too.
  • Invitation: It is not necessary to prepare invitation cards as per the theme. But if done, it acts as a hint for your guests. And, will help in increasing the excitement factor. It might happen that they will come to the party in a dress that goes with the theme. 

Fun Activities: If you want to go a step ahead in this, our theme party planner in Chandigarh can come up with fun activities that reflect the theme of the party. Sounds superb!

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