Romance with Anniversary Themes

Anniversary Themes by Birthday Planner is designed in the manner that the first birthday of the child is celebrated along with the marriage anniversary of couples. We, the Birthday Party Organizers in Chandigarh could not resist ourselves from being the part of this important celebration. Also, We are extremely interested in organizing your anniversaries themes as well. Additionally, We have special team dedicated to it with special focus on romance. You are most welcome whether you are celebrating the first marriage anniversary or the Golden Jubilee.

Birthday Planner with Themed Birthday Party in Chandigarh have come up with ideas such as Jodha-Akbar Theme, Ram-Leela Theme, Soni-Mahiwal Theme, Aashiqi Theme, Hum-Tum Theme, Mohabbatein Theme, etc. If you remember, all these pairs have been legendary couples. The themes have different games, decoration, activities, dressing, etc. The way these couples were in different times, there overall appearance and their stories are also different. Also, our activities start with giving them the touch of these stories but get completed with the element of romance. So, we are waiting for you to give a chance to us being Birthday Planners in Chandigarh and add little more element of romance in your married life.

Birthday Planner has accessories and other resources of Birthday Decoration Chandigarh, all related to the theme of romance. For example, candles, dim lights, soft toys, beautiful colored curtains, etc depending on the anniversary theme that you select. If there are children also invited in the marriage anniversary celebration, then we have some arrangements for them to remain busy and do not disturb you while having some romantic dance programs or games.

There are various types of romantic games with Birthday Party Organizers in Chandigarh. Additionally, We have some traditional games that couples are made to play immediately after their marriage. The game in which there is a plate full of milk and there is ring in it and the couple needs to find out the ring. Whosoever finds out the ring first; becomes the winner. The game can be organized for all the couples invited to the party. This makes the couples remember many sweet memories and brings freshness in the relationship. Thus the celebration is super fun and all the couples coming to the party would be grateful to you.

Birthday Decoration in Chandigarh by Birthday Planner Company is well known in the section of birthday parties. Then the decoration for marriage anniversaries will also be appreciated. We have decoration according to Soni-Mahiwal Theme, the way both of them used to be dressed in traditional Punjabi culture. Besides that, Mohabbatein has got its own style and appearance, the decoration of Mughal culture as per Jodha-Akbar Theme, etc.

Birthday Planner Company selects romantic music as per the Themed Birthday Party in Chandigarh. The music could be romantic songs of Goliyon Ki Rasleela, if the theme is Ram-Leela; similarly the passionate music of Mohabbatein will be played if the theme is Mohabbatein. Be ready to get crazy with the songs of Aashiqui 2, if you choose its theme with the best Birthday Planners in Chandigarh.